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Don't Make These 4 Thermostat Mistakes in Bee Cave, TX

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The role of a thermostat is to help make your Bee Cave, TX home comfortable and a pleasure to reside in. Many homeowners make mistakes with their thermostats on a daily basis, however, driving their energy usage higher than it needs to be. In this article, we go over four common thermostat mistakes so you can avoid making them yourself.

Turning the Thermostat Too Low

Summers in Texas get hot and humid, making it natural to reach for the thermostat to bring some blessed relief. Many homeowners go too hard here, turning down the thermostat until their home feels like an igloo. Try to keep the thermostat set around 68 degrees during the day and a few degrees higher once night falls to help reduce your energy consumption.

Not Adjusting the Thermostat Before Leaving

Leaving your thermostat at one set temperature is a recipe for an uncomfortable home and high energy bills. Instead, adjust as needed. Before leaving home for any length of time longer than an hour, adjust the thermostat so less energy gets consumed.

Turning Off The System Altogether

It’s not uncommon to see a homeowner flip their entire air conditioning unit off every time they want their home to warm up a little. This constant switching on and off actually places more wear and tear on system components and doesn’t save any more money than simply adjusting the temperature a degree or two.

Installing the Thermostat Near Heat Sources

The location your thermostat gets installed matters a great deal when it comes to home comfort and electricity usage. A thermostat placed near drafty doors, windows that let in sunlight, or directly over a vent or register might read temperatures inaccurately, leading to short-cycling or an uncomfortable home.

Many of these mistakes can get avoided altogether with the use of a programmable or smart thermostat. If you’re ready to upgrade to a programmable thermostat, give us a call today at The HVAC Cowboys, and we’ll book you an appointment!

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