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Rising Heating Costs Could Mean It's Time to Upgrade

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If your utility bills have increased steeply, it may be time to consider upgrading your furnace or heat pump to a new high-efficiency model that can save you money now and over the long run. A new system can often keep you and your family more comfortable while reducing the cost of heating your Austin home. Here are three reasons to upgrade your aging furnace this year.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that newer systems can have an annual fuel utilization efficiency of as high as 98.5%, which is in sharp contrast to the 56% efficiency of some older systems. By investing in HVAC replacement services from a trusted local company, you can lower your use of fossil fuels to heat your home.

Improving Indoor Comfort With Fewer Breakdowns

Few things are as upsetting and annoying as sudden breakdowns of your heating system during the coldest parts of the year. According to ENERGY STAR, heat pumps over 10 years old and furnaces over 15 years old should be replaced to ensure consistent performance and to improve the efficiency of your system. This, along with regular maintenance, can help you to avoid breakdowns that could leave you cold this winter.

Balancing Your Budget

Rising heating costs can have a real impact on your budget. Making a relatively small investment in a new furnace or heat pump can often lower these costs even when the price of fuel is on the rise. This can provide you with added resources to deal with your financial obligations and can allow you and your family to enjoy some of life’s little luxuries while keeping things comfortable all winter long in Austin, Texas.

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